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View a sample lesson. Then, join us for Watermark's Xactimate 28 Getting Started Series, a self-paced online course, developed by Watermark.
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Xactimate 28 Getting Started Series (Level 1 & 2)

Whether you are a restoration contractor, water mitigation technician, adjuster, or estimator, you can increase your efficiency using Xactimate.

Watermark's Xactimate 28 Getting Started Series consists of online training videos which help you get up to speed and become more efficient using Xactimate!

Select a version of the Xactimate 28 Getting Started Series below:

users, click here.

Florida CE users, click here.

Georgia CE users, click here.

Continuing Education

New!  Florida: up to 8 hours
(Adjuster Optional)

Georgia: 5 hours 
(Course ID:53508)

IICRC: 1 credit 
(Event ID: 3156)

Oklahoma: 10 hours  
(Course ID: 6000015850)

Texas: 10 hours 
(Course ID: 110516) 

  • YOU set the schedule.
    - While the kids are sleeping, on a break at work, early mornings, late evenings, weekends, etc.
  • View multiple times! 
    - Pause the videos.  Practice the examples.  Play to resume.  Pause, Practice, & Play!®
  • Focus where YOU need it most!
    - Videos on interior sketch, roof sketch, building macros, inputting line items, and more!
  • No one holds you back!
    - Advance to other learning areas when YOU are ready to proceed!
  • Prepare for both Level 1 and 2 User Certifications
    - Includes both Level 1 (Fundamentals) and Level 2 (Proficiency) training for