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Xactimate 28 Training Online

Learn Xactimate online with Watermark

Xactimate 28 Getting Started Series (Level 1 & 2)

Whether you are a restoration contractor, water mitigation technician, adjuster, or estimator, you can increase your efficiency using Xactimate.

Watermark's Xactimate 28 Getting Started Series* consists of online training videos which help you get up to speed and become more efficient using Xactimate 28!

*This course is conducted using Xactimate version 28. To request a version 28 free demo, follow this link.

Select a version of the Xactimate 28 Getting Started Series below:

IICRC, Oklahoma, or Texas CE
, click here.

Florida CE, click here.

Georgia CE, click here.

Not interested in CE? click here.

Continuing Education Approvals 

New!  Florida: up to 8 hours
(Adjuster Optional)

Georgia: 5 hours 
(Course ID:53508)

IICRC: 10 hours 
(Event ID: 3156)

Oklahoma: 10 hours  
(Course ID: 6000015850)

Texas: 10 hours 
(Course ID: 110516)