1. Xactimate: Getting Started

This self-paced online overview course focuses on getting started using Xactimate X1. We walk you through navigating the new version, setting up your first project, selecting time saving user preferences, and much more!  This is the first in a series of courses by Watermark, on X1 Desktop.  Get Started now!  Course Length: 80 minutes. View on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device!

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Xactimate X1: Getting Started is the first, in a series of courses, being developed on X1 Desktop!  If you are switching to Xactimate X1, or learning to use Xactimate for the first time, Xactimate X1: Getting Started is where you begin!

No experience necessary.  In this first overview course, we start at the login screen and dive into the new version, Xactimate X1.  In this course, we use the desktop platform, meaning it’s installed on your computer.  You may see it referred to as Xactimate X1 Desktop.  Of course, if you are using the online version, you may see it referred to as New Xactimate Online.

Attention New Users, this is where you begin.  It’s the introductory course helping your navigate your way around Xactimate X1.  In subsequent courses, currently in development, we will go deeper into Sketch, Estimating, etc.  However, this intro course will help you get started learning your way around Xactimate X1.

If you are an Experienced Xactimate user, version 28 or earlier, this 80-minute course will help you transition to the new version.

Topics include;

Working outside of the Project

  1. Accessing the New Xactimate Online & Xactimate X1 Desktop platforms
  2. Xactimate Subscriptions & Versions
  3. What is an XactNet/XactAnalysis Address?
  4. Registering an XactNet/XactAnalysis Address
  5. What is XactAnalysis?
  6. The Full Cycle Claims Workflow
  7. Xactimate X1: Navigating the Local Page
  8. Duplicating a Project
  9. Setting Time Saving User Preferences
  10. Free Xactimate Help Resources

Working Inside a Project

  1. Creating Your First Project
  2. Profiles
  3. The 4-Step Estimating Process
  4. Project Windows Overview
  5. Requesting a Price List
  6. The Sketch Window (Overview)
  7. Using Reference Search
  8. Marking a Project Complete
  9. Identifying/Inputting Required/Missing Info
  10. Printing an Estimate
  11. Creating Model Statements
  12. Creating a Company Header
  13. Using Tokens
  14. Uploading a Completed Project

and more!


The next course in this series is X1: Interior Sketch (Level 1 & 2): http://www.trainwatermark.com/product/xactimate-interior-sketch/

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do I need?

An internet connection is required to access this course, as it is delivered online.  Also, access to Xactimate X1 Desktop is recommended in order to follow along with the course.

If you are a new user, you can use a free Xactimate Professional demo (Follow this link: https://www.xactware.com/store/PRODUCTS/Xactimate/Free-Demo/Xactimate-Demo/2-470.do) or a live copy of Xactimate X1 Desktop you use for work.

How do I get the most out of this course?

Pause the video, Practice using your own copy of Xactimate or a free demo from Xactware, then click Play to resume the training. Pause, Practice, & Play!®

Who is the trainer?

Sean M. Burgess, an Xactimate Certified Trainer.  Sean has worked as both a field adjuster and a restoration estimator.  He enjoys working with adjusters, estimators, technicians, and anyone wanting to learn, update, or refresh on Xactimate!

How long do I have access to the course?
Course access is provided for a single user on a monthly basis.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Please use the latest version of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer browsers.

Xactimate X1 System Requirements: https://www.xactware.com/en-us/solutions/claims-estimating/xactimate/system-requirements/