Xactimate User Certifications

What is an Xactimate Certified User?

An Xactimate Certified User is someone who has successfully passed an Xactimate User Certification, and is within their current time period of certification. An Xactimate User Certification consists of online exams, which measures your current level of knowledge and proficiency in USING Xactimate.

How to I prepare to become an Xactimate Certified User?

If you are new to Xactimate or need to refresh your Xactimate skills prior to taking a User Certification Exam, you should consider attending a class or online training session, which prepares you for the level and version of certification you are interested in.

Xactimate Certifications – Should I become an Xactimate Certified User?

Xactimate Certifications are increasingly used by employers to verify your proficiency (Level 1, 2, or 3) in using Xactimate.  These certifications are offer companies a baseline to measure your Xactimate skill level and general Xactimate knowledge

What types of User Certifications are available?

Xactimate User Certifications are available in three assessment levels; Level 1 (Fundamentals), Level 2 (Proficiency), and Level 3 (Subject Matter Expert).  

Can I get a discount on User Certification Exams?

Yes, attendees of our live courses receive a promo code for a discount on every level of User Certification exam (Level 1, 2, & 3)!

Where do I obtain a User Certification?

Xactimate User Certifications are available directly from Xactware.  Learn More.

What are the benefits for becoming an Xactimate Certified User?

You’re showing potential or current employers your proficiency USING Xactimate!
You certification, once achieved, is valid for two years on the version of Xactimate you certified on. Upon successful completion, you also receive a pdf certificate from Xactware, documenting your accomplishment. Click here to register.

Do I need access to Xactimate?

Yes, during the user certification process, you will create a project, which includes a sketch and scope for both an interior and a roof loss. Afterwards, you will answer estimating questions based upon the diagram(s) you created.

Which version of Xactimate do I need installed on my computer?

It is recommended you have the same version of Xactimate installed as the version of the User Certification exam you are attending. Currently, there is only one version of Xactimate available. However, you can use either Xactimate desktop or the new Xactimate online.

Do I have to take the levels in order?

No. This depends on your level of comfort USING Xactimate.  Exam and sketch difficulty increases with each level.  You are able to begin with Level 1 and proceed to Level 2, etc. OR you can go directly to the Level of Certification you are comfortable in pursuing. That said, achieving a Level 2 User Certification does not include the Level 1 User Certification. Each User Certification has to be successfully completed to be awarded that level of certification.

Will becoming an Xactimate Certified User help me in getting deployed or a job using Xactimate?

Companies frequently use them as a standard to gauge your proficiency using the software. Check with your employer or client to see if they are interested in you becoming an Xactimate® Certified User.

Does Watermark provide Xactimate training which prepares for Xactimate User Certification Exams?

Yes, we have Level 1, Level 2, and Level 1 & 2 online classes, which also helps to prepare you for User Certification exams!  Private Corporate Xactimate training and consultation is also available. View our courses!